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I am not so caught up in myself that I believe anything I write has absolute merit. But I can say with confidence that I succeeded as a father, which I believe helps qualify me to some extent. My next goal in life is to qualify as a good and decent grandfather.

You should know I’ve had the idea to write for years, but never had the time, or apparent inclination to do so. It wasn’t until a morning walk not long ago when I finally realized that if I don’t start now, the small boys for whom my works are intended will be well into their changing voice years, and I’d probably be pushing up wild flowers somewhere…long since forgotten. And so I write.

Please feel free to let me know what you think of my first two books, I’ll Be Watching You, and Time Enough for the Henchman. Both are available on Amazon Books and Kindle as well as some local places here in Austin. There are plans for a third book. Something relating to my business experiences, perhaps…only a bit more tongue in cheek. We will have to just see about that.

And, lest I forget…special kudos go out to my “second son”, Mike Brannon, for his exceptional work on this web site. Pretty cool, don’t you think? Look him up sometime at


I’ll Be Watching You

A loving grandfather’s between-the-lines, story bound, reflections and interpretations of those things that matter most. Call it what you want – a misguided guide, a weak attempt at life’s lessons, or simply rants from a troubled old man – but in the end, it is something meant for those who choose to question what others sometimes don’t.

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Time Enough for the Henchman

The story centers on the lives of three seventh-grade boys and one autistic younger brother growing up in a small, tranquil, Indiana town in the winter of 1966. Influenced by his grandfather’s words of wisdom, twelve-year-old TJ Reilly, the unsuspecting protagonist of the group, assumes control of their incredible adventure soon after their “snow day” discovery of an abandoned 1927 Cadillac LaSalle. The boys, and the stranger they meet in the process (John Cunin), are brought together in an otherworldly drive back in time where they experience the historic charm of 1929 Chicago as well as their first-hand witness to the perverse horror surrounding an event that takes place on February 14th…the infamous St. Valentine’s Day massacre.

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