I’ll Be Watching You


Format: Paperback, Kindle
Number of Pages: 94
Publish Date: May 1, 2015
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A loving grandfather’s between-the-lines, story bound, reflections and interpretations of those things that matter most. Call it what you want – a misguided guide, a weak attempt at life’s lessons, or simply rants from a troubled old man – but in the end, it is something meant for those who choose to question what others sometimes don’t.

About the Author

I am called Thomas-also TJ, Tommy, Tom, Dad and Pops-and it appears I may be many things to many people. I’m in my early 60s now and clearly the product of an insecure mind. Believe me when I say that this mid-life crisis thing is not a myth. It consumes me. It’s all about what you think you missed in your earlier years. It then becomes a race against time, seeking what you mistakenly believe is a safe haven from those scary thoughts of the inevitable. Not such a good thing, but apparently I’m busy at it. I have had the good fortune to peek under life’s tent, and I have learned one thing as I move through my sixth decade: if you choose to embrace those very good things life has to offer, you can live it and avoid having to chase it.

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This small work is dedicated to my grandsons and to all that may follow, should I be so blessed.

You are my pride and joy and represent my new purpose in life. I so look forward to watching you grow and develop in the coming years. This is for you. Perhaps a few of these pages will provide some things to think
about in the years ahead.

But remember this: I’ll be watching you…always.


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